How to Beat the Heat


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By 2100, heat could become deadly and threaten the majority of humankind. This week, Death Valley recorded the highest temperature ever reached on Earth: 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This entire summer, Arizona has been filled with excessive heat warning days where stepping outside in the scorching, baking sun for a couple minutes could cause heat exhaustion and stroke. There are over hundreds of ways to avoid the unhealthy impact of the sun. You can enjoy the sun without worrying that you’re going to pass out within the next hour with these tips. Living in a hot, breathless region of Arizona can be hard, but there are ways we can make it easier.

First off, get a portable fan. You can get them from Amazon, Target, and Walmart. There are even fans that spray mist into your face while fanning at the same time. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Next time when you are going on a hike on a scorching hot day or just taking a walk outside, bring a portable fan with you!

Remember to drink water. It is important to stay hydrated during the entire day, but you have to remember to carry a water bottle around with you during an especially hot day. Think of your body as an air conditioner. When your body begins sweating because of the heat, your “air conditioner” turns on. In order to make sure your body won’t shut down, you have to refill your tank with lots of H20.

It will also do you good to know your body’s quick-cooling points. This way, when you are in need of something icy to cool your body, you know which points of your body will be most effective in helping you recharge. A tip is to ice your pulse points, which are areas of your body where you can feel your pulse. This includes your neck, wrists, the insides of your elbows and knees, and the area just in front of your ear. These spots are the most effective and convenient areas for cooling yourself using ice or a cool refrigerated ice pack.

Another tip is to wear light colors. If you wear dark clothing in the sun, it will absorb the heat and make it brutally hot for you. Wearing linen will quickly dry sweat, and wearing loose-fitting clothing will allow air to pass through you. Light-colored shirts will also reflect the heat, and it looks softer and cooler from the outside as well.

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Block all the windows in your house. This may seem a little overstretched or unnecessary, but it actually helps a lot. The rays streaming into your house through the windows will bring heat inside your home, so close the shades. Using a sun-blocking cover will also help reflect the rays and the sunlight. Opening the windows will also allow air to pass through, so that is a good way to cool down.

Taking cold showers after a hot day can also help prevent heat exhaustion and illness. The best times to shower is after work, school, or a workout. This is a fantastic way to cool off and clean off the sweat from the heat. If you have a pool or a beach near you, it would also be smart to get wet and run through some sprinklers. This is a fun way to get cool, and you can spend time with your friends and family at the same time. It would also be useful to wear a hat when you are outside in the sun. This way you will get a cooling sensation that will cool your entire body when you are in the heat.

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Using these tips can allow you to enjoy what is left of the summer without having to worry about the terrible heat of Arizona. Remember to be smart about your body, and always carry water with you! And of course, be grateful that we are no where near the Death Valley.