A Big Thank You To Our Amazing Yearbook Crew!


ACP’s 2019-2020 Yearbook Staff. Photo taken by Elizabeth Bishop.

ACP students were called in to collect their yearbooks this week, and can we just give a resounding “thank you” for this year’s beautiful yearbook! From the new feature image format to the heartfelt and well-designed senior’s tribute pages, this yearbook is amazing! Now who do we have to thank for this monument to our exciting school year?

Every school day, day in and day out, the yearbook staff sits down together and works, from the first minute of class to the last second. They go to games, clubs, school activities, every event imaginable to take pictures and get a real take on the experience.  Then, they write all about it, highlighting all the fun, and making sure you can always look through your yearbook and remember with a smile.  Yearbook does their own work, which is hard enough as it is, but they also collaborate with ACP newspaper! They help us with pictures, or a run-down or some school event; they go above and beyond!

Speaking of going above and beyond, during the summer, dedicated yearbook students plan and attend workshops to learn new techniques and get ideas for the next yearbook so every one is unique and elegant in its own way!

Both yearbook and newspaper are lead by Mrs. Patterson, a senior English teacher.  She’s the reason we all have the energy to keep going! Always upbeat and ready for the next challenge, Mrs. Patterson is a passionate worker that dedicates an enormous amount of time, love, hard work, and experience into producing the best yearbook possible.  Wildly imaginative and sweeter than candy, she is just the best person to do everything she does!

Together, Mrs. Patterson and the yearbook team produce a stunning yearbook, so we all want to say THANK YOU! Keep doing what you do best, and go, Knights!