ACP’s Online Student Art Gallery


As we all know, schools have unfortunately cancelled all programs that were planned to happen in the fourth quarter, the spring art show being one of them. But have no fear, because Mrs. Hillier, our exceptionally talented and amazing art teacher, has put together her own digital art show, representing her student’s work throughout the whole school year. In my opinion, I was beyond impressed. All three pages of the gallery were masterpieces that took complete concentration and pure talent. A lot of the pieces may have taken weeks to complete, so I’m sure the students were proud and relieved to show off their work to their family, friends, and fellow peers.

When you first open up the link (found down below), the first thing you see is the grand title “Arizona College Prep Online Art Gallery”. Beneath that, you see pictures of all her student’s wonderful pieces from Ceramics or Painting and Drawing in rotation. The beautiful slideshow gives us a quick glimpse of each artwork and intrigues us to check the whole gallery out. Next, you will see short descriptions of the different tasks students had to incorporate when creating their projects. I believe Mrs. Hillier was trying to deepen their understanding on artistry and how it should always portray a message or meaning they truly believe in. With that, the Ceramics tasks were to depict ceramic characters, places and spaces, body of work, and pop art. The Painting and Drawing tasks were surrealism embroidery, drawing techniques, and portraiture and the human form.

In Ceramics, thirty-five students submitted one or more clay sculpture, one submission representing one task. Each project has a short description of what the piece is about, how it relates to them, and why they chose it specifically. I was never a huge fan of making or looking at art; however, when I was scrolling through them, there were so many original pieces that I fell in love with, and reading the descriptions really enlightened my perspective on creativity and art itself.

In Painting and Drawing, about fifty students graciously presented their artwork with a short description of what the piece means to them and to the task, exactly like ceramics. I could tell, through each one, how much effort and honor they put into these paintings. It takes dedication and patience to try to make it perfect, and I truly applaud Mrs. Hillier for showing that to them. Each task, performed by the student, was executed beautifully, and I could genuinely see the creativity and emotion that it took them to create it, so hats off to them.

A huge congratulations to the art students, and thank you for blessing us all with a semester filled with beautiful masterpieces. Be sure to check out all the amazing pieces through this link:

Please note, permission was obtained allowing us to display student names and all corresponding pieces contained in this website.