Mother’s Day Is Here!


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day of recognition and appreciation of all mothers and all they do for us.  Sometimes when life gets chaotic and everyone is so busy, it can be hard to see the love and care parents put into everyday things whether it’s making meals, cleaning uniforms or jerseys, grabbing something you’ll like at the store, or giving you more freedom as you grow up, even when it breaks their heart.  Mothers give everything they are into motherhood; they weather through every hard day, every sleepless night, every fight, every reunion and keep on giving!  Moms make a home wherever they are, they always know when something’s not right, and they’re always there when you need them most.

Maybe your mom isn’t your mother; maybe she’s a teacher, an aunt, a grandmother, or a family friend.  These ladies are moms in their own way and the best way to recognize them is their warmth, their steady love and guidance, or their comforting when they see you in pain.  Maybe it’s just something in their heart, something you can see clear as day in their eyes.

Mothers of all walks of life, the rich and the poor, the gruff and the sweet, have a special place in our hearts for smiles on summer days and shoulders on sad ones.  We want to show you how much all mothers mean to us, mother figures, adoptive moms, and birth moms.  We want to show you how much we love you this Mother’s Day!  Thank you for everything you do and give up for us.  Just as we will never understand how much you love us, you will never understand how much we love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!