Student Interviews: What’s Up With You?


Oh, getting to see friends is the best, but catching up on the phone, on FaceTime, or texting is good when you can’t.  We want to know how you guys are doing and what has become your new favorite thing to do with so much more time on your hands!  This week we’ll be interviewing my personal friend Hallie Melonson!

Q: Are you hanging out with your family more or less?  More family games?

A: I have been spending  much more time with my family; we’ve built an endless amount of forts and have played Uno to the point of mastery! And, together, we beat a video game!

Q: How are you getting outside to have fun?

A: Typically we’ll get up early in the morning and go on a run or walk.  Sometimes we do boot camps in the garage or just play with workout equipment.  (It doesn’t seem like a work out but it definitely is!) We also play baseball in the street.

Q: Any new favorite snacks or ones you have to hide from the snack thieves in the house?

A: A newfound favorite of mine are baked Cheetos. If we have them, they MUST be hidden or they’ll be taken! In our house we have a lot of snack thieves, so I’ve been hiding candy in my pillowcase, specifically Snickers.

Q: Is the online version of school better you think? What’s your favorite part of this system?

A: The online learning has gone better than I expected.  I don’t get distracted with work, and I enjoy being able to manage my own schedule.

Q: What are you dying to do when quarantine is over?

A: When the quarantine ends and it is safe, I would love to go the movies and enjoy spending time with my friends and family! I would also like to go to the mountains and enjoy hiking.

Thank you so much Hallie! I hope all you Knights are doing well, and remember that if you ever need to talk to someone, about school, or family, or whatever, we are always here for you.  Go, Knights!