Speech and Debate Students Selected to Represent Arizona at NSDA

Speech and Debate Students Selected to Represent Arizona at NSDA

ACP students work hard.  They work hard for good grades, they work hard at what they’re passionate about, and they work hard to invest in their futures.  Some of the hardest working students are those in Speech and Debate; they spend hours finding good cards, they research strong arguments, and practice their speeches over and over.  Dedication is the name of the game in Speech and Debate, so when the “season” comes to an end and Arizona picks the cleverest, most persuasive students in the state to represent them, it is an esteemed honor.

NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) hosts their national Tournament every year over the summer, and this year due to the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19,  it will be a live online tournament.

Throughout the “season” the state collects data and stats on all of the Speech and Debate participants to decide who does what in the national debates each summer.  ACP always strives to give students all the opportunities and preparation needed to be successful, but the students have to put in the effort.  This year seven of ACP’s best and brightest will go and verbally duke it out with the nation’s best!  Congratulations:


  • Congressional Debate: Sebastian Javadpoor
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate: Zoe Soderquist
  • U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking: Damien Rivera (1st in State)
  • World School Debate: Yibo Chen, Delaney Krieger, Ananya Lakhotia


  • Congressional Debate: Yibo Chen
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate: Delaney Krieger
  • Original Oratory: Ananya Lakhotia
  • Humorous Interp: Daniel Merritt

A round of applause for our prestigious Speech and Debate students giving their all even when they have to do it at home!  Wish them luck this summer for the National Tournament, and go Knights!