Taman Truong: Mu Alpha Theta Scholarship

Taken from Mu Alpha Theta Twitter page @MATNatlOffice

Taken from Mu Alpha Theta Twitter page @MATNatlOffice

As some of you may already know, members of our math team are some of the most exceptionally, brilliant masterminds of ACP. With that, Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society, awarded senior Taman Truong a very nice scholarship. Last week, I asked Taman to express his gratitude and opinions on the whole program itself.

Q: How did you discover this scholarship and society?

A: When ACP used to have a seventh and eighth grade, I discovered Mu Alpha Theta when the junior high and high school math club were together. I joined Chi Alpha Mu back when I was in junior high; this was the stepping stone for me to join the prestigious Mu Alpha Theta math honors society as a means to continue my mathematical endeavors throughout my high school career. For discovering the scholarship, I simply explored the website for any scholarships that Mu Alpha Theta offers for its seniors during my summer break.

Q: What was your initial reaction when you found out that they granted you a scholarship?

A: I was genuinely surprised that the scholarship committee granted me this scholarship. Considering that there were thousands of seniors across the U.S. that were part of Mu Alpha Theta that applied for this scholarship and the scholarship committee only chose 30 of them for the scholarship, earning this scholarship made me relieved and lifted off most of my financial worries for college.

Taken from Mu Alpha Theta website. https://mualphatheta.org/

Q: What are some of your fondest memories of being a part of Mu Alpha Theta?

A: My fondest memories of being in this honors society was the math competitions that we took part in and the friends and connections that I have made through doing so. Competing and winning in many competitions with my friends, whether they were sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta (Log1 Contest, Rocket City Math League) or not (AMC, CGCC Excellence in Mathematics Competition), have been one of the most thrilling experiences of my high school mathlete career. Going over problems right after a math competition test and making jokes out of them were also one of the moments I look forward to at every math competition.

Q: What are some of the requirements to apply for a scholarship like this?

A: In order to apply for this scholarship, I needed to be a Mu Alpha Theta member in good standing, and completing ten hours of math-related community service every year, either in-school or out-of-school.

Q: Do you have any advice to those who would like to apply for this scholarship program?

A: The most important part of applying for this scholarship program is to join ACP’s Math Club! It is the only way to get into Mu Alpha Theta and apply for this scholarship. Additionally, doing well on math competitions or constantly improving your performance on them is a crucial component of the application that may help you stand out from other applicants.

Congratulations, Taman, on your huge accomplishment, and thank you for taking the time and doing the interview. ACP is so proud and wishes you the best in your future endeavors!