Student Interviews: What are you doing?


It’s strange not getting to see each other, but we can still keep in touch as many of you certainly have.  ACP Knight Times is conducting a short series of student interviews to get a sense of how ya’ll are doing!

Fortunately, my friend, Aubry Naleski was willing to participate in a short interview!

Q: How has being at home made you closer with your family?

A: My family and I are busy, and with both parents working from home with video conferences and only one office, it’s been interesting. We’ve also been able to watch movies together more and have family dinners as well as cooking them together.  Once or twice a week we do group video calls with my grandparents and cousins since we can’t see them now like we used to.

Q: How are you getting outside to have fun?

A: I do some of my school work outside if it’s nice and not too hot as well as read books on my back patio in the sun. Each night, as a family, we eat dinner outside and enjoy the nice weather together.  When I can’t go outside during school, then I leave my window open to enjoy the fresh air!

Q: What’s been your favorite snack to enjoy these last few weeks?

A: I have been making my own cold brew coffee for a couple of months prior to this, but now I can make it and drink it more! Every once and awhile we support a local business and get coffee from a coffee place in downtown Chandler.  I really like coffee if you haven’t figured it out!

Q: Do you like this online version of school better than regular school? What are some of the benefits of this system?

A: Personally, I prefer real, in-person, school because face-to-face is just how I like to learn.  The system now is nice because I can make my own schedule and it’s helping me manage my time better.  Another benefit could be being able to wear my pajamas to ‘school’ instead of my uniform!

Q: What is the one thing you can’t wait to do when quarantine is over?

A: Once quarantine is over I can’t wait to see all the friends I miss so much!  Also, I will be going down to my favorite coffee shop to sit down and enjoy my coffee in-store instead of take-out.  Being able to go see people will be the best!  I am super excited for next year when I get to see all my teachers and classmates again!

Thanks to Aubry Naleski for helping us get a little insight into how students are doing!  We, the school, faculty, and other students, hope you are all doing well and managing to have fun during this challenging time.  Stay safe and go Knights!