Keeping Busy Over the Summer: AZYouthforce’s Paid Internship Program

Are you searching for a fun and productive way to spend your summer vacation? Do you want to obtain some valuable working experience? If yes, then perhaps you should check out AZYouthforce’s summer internship program! The program, sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley, offers Arizona teenagers the opportunity to explore job opportunities that interest them through paid internships. Here’s some more information about the program and how you can apply:

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Benefits of Participation

The AZYouthforce program is a chance for high school students to gain paid work experience in companies across the City of Chandler. In the process, students will practice interviewing skills, learn about how some Chandler businesses are run, and be able to make some money over the summer. If you are looking for a way to keep busy while improving your résumé, this program is a wonderful option for you.

Program Options

One option that you can apply for within the AzYouthforce program is becoming a recreation leader for the City of Chandler. As a recreation leader, you would be assigned to either Nature Camp, Tween Camp, or a Youth Summer Camp to help out. Your duties as a recreation leader would include teaching youth how to do crafts, supervising camp activities, and performing other assorted tasks to help out with running the camps. The camps run Monday-Friday from May 29th through July 17th, 2020. You would also be working for three weeks leading up to the start of your assigned summer camp to help plan for the camp and undergo training.

Another option within the AzYouthforce program is lifeguarding for a City of Chandler pool! As a lifeguard, you would be responsible for monitoring pool areas, keeping people safe while swimming, and ensuring that pool guests follow the pool rules. Before applying for this job, be sure that you have an American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED Certification, or some equivalent.

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Here are some of the participants from a prior year’s AzYouthforce program.

Students could also apply to be paid interns at Bank of America or JiffyLube.  The Bank of America internship is eight weeks long, starting either June 15th or July 6th. Bank of America interns have the opportunity to learn more about how Bank of America is run on a day-to-day basis. You must be 17.5 to 19 to apply for the Bank of America internship. Also, through interning at JiffyLube, you could learn more about automobile maintenance and servicing skills such as oil changes, tire repair, battery testing, and more. Applicants must be 17-19 years old to apply for the JiffyLube internship.

How to Apply

Here’s a link to the AzYouthforce program website, where you can access the online application: Be sure to read over all of the requirements for program participation to make sure that you can commit for the full duration of whichever internship you select.

Pay close attention to the program deadlines, which are coming up soon. Some internship deadlines are as early as mid-April, so if you would like to apply, remember to begin working on the application in the next few days.

With summer vacation quickly approaching, now is a good time to begin making plans, if you haven’t make any already. Maybe one of these AzYouthforce programs is exactly what you are looking for to stay busy over your summer break!