New Clubs Coming To ACP!

New Clubs Coming To ACP!

As many know ACP Erie is flush with a diverse spread of clubs, catering to all the interests of its students! We have a club for just about anything, but teachers and staff encourage students to create a club if they find a passion they want include in school and make new friends with similar interests. Over our extended Spring break many applications for new clubs came through the administrative office! Four new clubs petitioned to be created, if you are interested in joining any of them speak with their presidents please!

The Shoe club has come to ACP! The Shoe club is a new addition to our school, sure to fit right in and have a great remaining quarter! The Shoe club collects ONLY left shoes, and say that their goal is to make shoe-producing companies rethink the shoe. They want the world to start using shoes interchangeable between left and right. They say that this is the future of the human race.  The president of our new club is Jordy Geller. I’m sure you have questions, please speak to him for answers; they let me go last time but I don’t think they will again.

Additionally, the Tinfoil Hat club has joined the long list of clubs at ACP! Learn how to make fedoras, cowboy hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, berets(those French hats), and more while you listen to different conspiracy theories! This joint operation between origami fanatics and conspiracy theorists is bringing people together, but only if you can find them! (They wouldn’t tell me where they were going to hold meetings, only that members would already know.) Speak to Alex Jones for additional details, if he’ll tell you.

A relatable club coming this quarter is the Anti Green Thumb club! The poor saps in this club have joined because they can’t keep a plant alive to save their lives! All their valiant effort end in null, a lot of dead plants, so they have created this organization to mourn their past dead plants, but also to work together to raise a plant and keep it alive for more than a month! They do say it takes a village to raise a kid, can’t be that different from plants, right? If you can’t play host to live plants either, reach out, there’s a community for you. Peter H. Raven, an experienced botanist, is here to guide the group toward more positive results; talk to him to join.

Finally, we have the most out-reaching club: Fraud club! Fraud club has their members reaching out to friends and encouraging them to reach out to their friends in order to educate as many people as possible. The Fraud club does require a fee to be paid to join, but it gives you and your friends a chance to learn all about the ploys used to scheme money off people! Bernard “Bernie”Madoff will be available for questions about personal experience and an inside look into a Ponzi scheme when he gets out of jail!

Thank you so much for investing time into what you’re passionate about and enriching our school in the process.  Clubs are a way for school to show off the individuality, creativity, and multifariousness of its students, so thank you for making our school better by being yourself!