How to Be Productive When Stuck in Isolation

As our school advances into an online learning system, it is safe to say that being productive at home is quite grueling. You know, sitting all day with a phone plastered to your face isn’t the greatest idea; so here are some of the best ways to stay active and productive at home!

Image from PennState Health News.

Spring-Clean Like a Pro

With being stuck in a house all day, what is more satisfying than a nice, clean house? Even though the thought of cleaning doesn’t put you in a very good mood, the real pleasure only comes after the work is finished. A good way to start is by making an ultimate spring-cleaning checklist. To do this, you can split different chores for different days of the week, clean room-by-room, or just simply getting rid of all your clutter at once. If this is too much to handle, just remind yourself that you’re not the only one stuck in your own house, get your parents involved! This is the perfect time to work together as a family, and it’ll get it done a lot faster. You can also add in something fun, like making it a race or competition with a prize at the end for the winner.

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Try out At-Home Aerobics, Dance, or Yoga Videos

Being productive doesn’t have to mean something academic. It is about prioritizing the people and projects that matter, and focusing on getting things done for the right reasons. You could set a goal for yourself in achieving the splits by the end of the month or doing Zumba YouTube videos everyday with your mom for a cardio boost. I know for sure that my mom and I love doing dance videos every morning after we eat breakfast. If that isn’t something you like, then at-home aerobics might be for you. Some exercises I like to do are jump rope, aerobic strength circuits (squats, lunges, pushups, dips, and torso twists), running or jogging, and swimming. Please remember to stretch or warm-up for at least ten to fifteen minutes before starting any exercise.

From the article, “How to use Netflix Party to watch movies at the exact same time as friends.”

Participate in a Netflix Viewing Party

A newly added tool, through the Google Chrome browser, called Netflix Party allows your friends and family to simultaneously stream Netflix shows and movies on your device. Meaning that you would be watching the exact same video with your group of people at the exact same time. You have the power to start, stop, and pause the video to communicate in the side chat bar, to discuss what’s going on, or how you think about the movie/show. Some say that this new and free tool could “make social distancing and self-quarantine a whole lot more tolerable”.


Of course, staying away from friends and family is not easy, especially during a global pandemic. However, social distancing certainly does not mean stopping all contact. There are plenty of ways to stay in touch, technology being one of the greatest. It has brought us all together through social media, messaging apps, online video calls, gaming and many more. I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful day Knights!