Making Your Future- Signing For A College

Case Western Reserve University welcomed one of ACP’s best this Tuesday during an optional success assembly! Saar Zutshi, an ACP football player, signed on with the college of his choice after receiving 19 acceptance letters from colleges across the country!

Saar has been a driving force in the ACP football team, having brought many of our football players into the team. He is loved by his team mates and works hard everyday in his classes and his sport. At the assembly on Tuesday, the bleachers seated many of his friends and teammates that came to cheer him on, and cheer him on they did! The roar when Saar announced he was going to Case Western Reserve University was heart warming and deafening!

Before signing on and committing to Case Western, Saar’s coach Blueford was invited up to speak about his experiences with Saar. After recounting Saar’s choice to come to ACP despite not being played as a freshman, Coach Blu continued on saying that Saar is a special kid who is an awesome person and teammate. He has been playing since he was young and the passion for the sport has never abated! Saar deserves to be happy and worked very hard to get where is he now. Coach Blu expressed his pride in Saar’s accomplishments and hope for his future adventures!

We wish a happy college experience for Saar and congratulate him on a job more than well done! Pursue your passions, as our 2017-2018 seniors would say, and go, Knights!