Q3 MORP Spirit Week!


mage from ACP’s Instagram page- @acpknightserie

Hey Knights! It’s time for the Quarter Three annual MORP Spirit week! For a whole week from February 24th-28th, students dressed in fun and creative costumes and outfits. Here is a quick look on how the student’s dressed up this week:

Autumn Heath (10), Grace Gardner (11), Zoe Felbein (12) dressed up for Pajama Day!
Image from Sejal Jain.
Sejal Jain (11) and Sai Anwita (10) rocking twin outfits on Tuesday! Image from Sejal Jain

On Monday, students snuggled up in their comfiest and coziest pajamas. To the left, we see some students dressed in their pjs, and posing with their leg in the air and peace signs up!

On Twin Day Tuesday, students chose to dress similarly or exactly identical with their friends or peers. On the right, we see two students laughing while taking a picture; they dressed in their own badminton shirts with black pants, and paired it with a jean jacket.

The next day, students dressed up for Band/Artist Day on Wednesday. They had the option to wear any musician’s merchandise or commodities.


Sophomores dressed up for Party in the USA Day!
Image from Olivia Burnham

On Thursday, students dressed according to the official colors of USA- red, white, and blue. As simple as the title is, Party in the USA, students had a lot of fun with this spirit day.

Students from StuGO holding up class colored shirts from Knight Games. Image from ACP’s Instagram page- @acpknightserie

To wrap up the week, students came to school, dressed in their respective class color to show school spirit and a chance to win BOTC points! The colors for each class as the following: Freshman – Yellow

Sophomores – Red

Juniors – Green

Seniors- Blue

As interesting as this Spirit week was, it’s about to get even better at MORP! Be sure to be there on Saturday, February 29th, from 7-10 P.M. at the ACP parking lot.

See you there Knights!