2019-2020 ACP Girls Basketball Team’s Exciting Season


Taken from ACP Athletics. https://acpathletics.com/teams/2700467/girls/basketball/varsity

Image taken from Arizona High School Playoffs

Last week, the Varsity Girls Basketball team attained a bid to the championship tournament as the 22nd seed in the brackets for the state basketball tournament. The final match to get to the tournament was a game against Gilbert Christian, where they scored 44 points. With the girls trailing by one point with less than 15 seconds remaining, junior Tangi Wilson made a basket with just five seconds left to put the ladies ahead by one! With an overall record of 10-8 and the constant strive they have to winning, the Varsity Girls team is aiming to be on top.

I interviewed Tangi Wilson to express her thoughts on basketball and the amazing team that she is a part of.

Q: How did you and your team feel when you defeated Gilbert Christian?

A: That was a crazy experience; we hadn’t beat them since Rekha, a senior, did when she was only a freshman, or maybe even before that. It was a true victory for us, extremely invigorating, and now I know what to look forward to next year.

Q: How many years have you been in Varsity?

A: I have been on Varsity all three years of high school, so I have never been on JV. I think I’ve really improved, especially with the people I have played with, and with my coaches who are constantly challenging and pushing me to my limits, which has ultimately provoked me to do better.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories during this season?

A: One time, we had our lock-in and everyone was asleep. Some people couldn’t come, so it was just three people and our coach; my friend brought a microphone, but what we didn’t know was that it was actually connected from where we were to outside. So, everyone heard what we were saying and it was really bad, but fun!

Q: What is the most important factor in a successful basketball team?

A: Execution and acknowledging your team; there is no I in team so you have to all work together in order to accomplish the main goal.

Q: With the season ending soon, what can we expect in regard to your upcoming games?

A: Next season, I honestly think we are going to come back ten times harder. We made it to play-offs this year, which was a great accomplishment, but we know and are determined that we are going to make it to State next year.

Congratulations to Varsity Girls Basketball, and thank you to Tangi for taking your time and answering the questions brightly and efficiently. The team’s strives and dedications has definitely shined throughout this whole season and we can’t wait to uplift your goal in making it to State next year!