An Overview of Science Night 2020


Taken from the Awards Powepoint Presentation

On Wednesday, February 12, ACP hosted its annual Science Fair in the school’s cafeteria and library. Students presented projects that they had prepared for over the past few months. The event started off with an Interactive STEM Showcase, where the participant’s Science Fair boards were placed orderly in the library, followed by an interactive demonstration located in the cafeteria. Students attained extra credit in their science class for attending the event. After the presentations concluded, everyone made their way to the cafeteria for awards.

All first and second place winners from the ceremony have the choice to represent ACP Erie at HISEF on February 19th-22nd. Only first place winners will get the chance to automatically go to AzSEF on March 26th-27th. With that, the MC presented all the awards, so let us see how each student performed:

Animal Sciences

1st Place: Kaitlyn Lai & Omina Nematova

The Effect of Social Isolation of Honey Bees on Caffeine Addiction

2nd Place Tie: Gabe Huffman

The Effect of Temperature on Porpoise Whale Presence

Second place winners-Kate Leinenweber & Ethan Ngo’s Board competing in Animal Sciences. Image by Crystal

2nd Place Tie: Kate Leinenweber & Ethan Ngo

Blue Whale Phylogeny Based on Mitochondrial Protein Sequences

3rd Place: Maria Gonzalez Lopez

Migratory Bird Navigation: Gambel’s white-crowned sparrow

Behavioral Science and Social Sciences

1st Place: Frederick Changho & Arun Vijay

The Effect of Reinforcement Type on Task Completion

2nd Place: Ivan-Alexander Kroumov

The Effect of Music on Reaction Time

3rd Place: Ella Yellig & Izaan DeBruyn

The Effect of Birth Order on Personality Type


1st Place: Michelle Sheikh

Flavonoids and Wound Healing in Burn Victims

2nd Place: Page Riley

Fighting Ebola

Biomedical and Health Sciences

1st Place Tie: Sohani Sandhu

Secondary Metabolites and Bioplastics

1st Place Tie: Mihira Karnik

The Effect of the Internal Temperature of Vegetables on its
Cellulose Breakdown, Enzyme Activity and Vitamin C Content

2nd Place: Aurelia Marsh

The Effect of the Amount of Sugar Ingested and the Average
Barometric Pressure on the Pain Felt by Rheumatoid Arthritis

1st Place: Emily Schugardt, Ashleigh Griffin &
Ashley Brady

Constructing a Brucella Vaccine Designed to Ensure the Safety of
the Patient, Development of Adaptive Immunity, Minimization of
Residual Virulence, and Differentiability of Vaccinated from
Infected Patients

2nd Place: Chloe Scanlan

Direct Reprogramming to Create Heart Tissue

3rd Place: Brooke Staples

How Tamoxifen Affects Women Differently

Earth and Environmental Sciences

1st Place: Rish Nayak, Grayson Rogers & Griffin

Is Fecal Processing a Viable Option for Obtaining Pure Drinking

2nd Place: Devon Baggot

What Are You Missing? A Study on Light Pollution

Embedded Systems

1st Place: David Demarco

Designing and Building a Four Bit Computer: The Effect of Clock
Speed on Computer Speed

Energy Sustainable Materials and Design

1st Place: Humza Choudhury

The Effect of the Type of Biomass Sample on the Amount of Glucose Produced

2nd Place: Xavier T Gacusan, Christopher Ferreira & Griffin Wirth 

The Effect of Speed of Water on the Brightness of a Light Bulb

Engineering Mechanics

1st Place Tie: Sean Connolly

The Effect of Added Circuit Resistance on Heat Allowed to the Outlet Side in Non-Transfer Orientation

1st Place Tie: Jordan Hill 

The Effect of Heat Sink Type on Cooling Efficiency

Environmental Engineering

1st Place: Nevan Hanford, Blake Enwiller & Aahana Dugar

The Degradation of Polystyrene (Styrofoam) By Tenebrio Beetles and Their Larvae

2nd Place: Sai Chintala & Arianne Law

The Effect of Different Types of Plastics on the Consumption of Plastic by Galleria mellonella

Materials Science

1st Place: Brandon Pham

Limiting the Abilities of Sound Movement

2nd Place: Raine Huang

Different Core Materials and Their Effect on Flux Density of Electromagnets


1st Place: Taman Truong & Deangelo Brasen

Diagonal Compression of Polygon


1st Place: Joseph Kim, Justin Lee & Raymond Tsai

The Effect of Nicotine in Candida Growth

2nd Place: Diya Nath

Microbiome and Our Gut

Physics and Astronomy

1st Place: Autumn Heath

Asteroid Data Analysis

2nd Place: Dylan Banhart

The Effect of Type of Arrowhead on Penetration Depth

Plant Sciences

1st Place: Nada M Osman

Potential Genes for Improving Cacao Crop Production

Robotics and Intelligent Machines

1st Place: Yaniv Briker

Gestype: A Novel Solution to Ergonomically Inefficient Keyboards using Real-Time Deep Learning Based Gesture Recognition

2nd Place Tie: Kerry Zhuo

Engineering a Lift

2nd Place Tie: Lucas Conklin, Joseph Fortunato & Ryan Harding

The Effect of Quantity of Training Data on the Accuracy of a Deep Learning Image Recognition Program’s Prediction

Systems Software

1st Place: Vahini Patel, Sanchi Patel & Grace Oh-Lee

Creating an Object Recognition App

Congratulations to all the victors; the long hours of work and stress will pay off soon. ACP wishes all first and second place winners a good luck for HISEF and AzSEF!

Upcoming dates to keep in mind for the 2020 Science Competition Season are:

HISEF Judging: Senior Division – Fri, February 21, 9:00am-

HISEF/Chandler Innovation Fair – Saturday, February 22nd ,

CIF Awards (HISEF) Ceremony – March 2nd at 6pm (Chandler Center for the Arts)

Junior Science & Humanities Symposium February 28-29
(Deadline for registration THIS Friday, February 14th)

AzSEF – March 26th and 27th

ISEF – May 10 -15th , Anaheim, CA (Senior Division Invitation only)

Remember to always strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!