Wrestling With The State Championship


Wrestling season is coming to a close and our wrestling team has dominated!  Left and right, throughout the season, the wrestlers have been collecting wins like lucky pennies!  The hardworking wrestling team attended a competitive tournament that qualifies wrestlers for the state tournament!  The AIA Division IV Section 3 Tournament happened on on February 9th and state is fast approaching!

The wrestlers had a strong performance all together at the Division IV Tournament and placed third as a team.  On separate matches, eight wrestlers qualified for the AIA State Wrestling Championship!  In the State Championship, the state title is up for grabs and our wrestlers will do their best to win it all!  These are the students that showed their talents off and placed for state:

  • Sebastian Rochin
  • Patrick Sherman
  • Nate Huffman
  • Emory Robles
  • Curtis Wilkerson
  • Owen Sullins
  • Jad Mazboudi
  • Kellen Gibson

This Friday, the AIA State Wrestling Tournament will take place at the Prescott Event Center, Prescott, AZ.  The tournament starts at 10:00 A.M.  and will go on for a good number of hours. Wish our wrestlers good luck and if you’re in Prescott at the time, step in and watch a match or two!  Go, Knights!