ACP’s KOS and Theatre Program Rock It at CAFT!


Our school welcomes very diverse passions with each new group of students, and our theater program has been bolstered by additional interest this last year.  Our theater group, KOS or Knights on Stage, has recently been recognized as a thespian troupe and therefore eligible to compete in regional, state, and national competitions.  This amazing development in the creative program has helped the theater department flourish.  They have competed several times now and are just beginning to explore the possibilities and talents of our young thespians!

In a recent opportunity to give a show of their talents, the International Thespian Society members competed at the Central Arizona Festival of Theatre, also known as CAFT!  The Festival of Theatre was held at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College on January 25th. Of all of the supremely gifted performers, eighteen thespians were lined up to compete.  Competitions included a variety of categories specializing in one area of theatre or another.

Nine of ACP’s adept performers qualified for the International, held in June at Indiana University Bloomington.  Grace Gardner, a junior, working stage management; Ellie Takeuchi, a sophomore, who performed a solo musical; Bridge Bach and Brian Fogarty, junior and senior, performed in duet acting; Haley Hughes, a freshman, and Samantha Rojas, a junior, also in duet acting; and Bridge Bach, again, a senior, and Daniel Merritt, a sophomore, performing monologues all qualified for the International Thespian Festival!

This is a new program that really is showing how awesome it is!  Great job, thespians for for competing so well at your very first Central Arizona Festival of Theatre competition!