Opportunity of A Lifetime With The GYC


The world thrives in the presence of good, strong leaders.  Parents and teachers try to help cultivate the rudimentary skills of students as they pass through life, but high school gives many an opportunity to really spread their wings.

Every year the Governor’s Youth Commission- a board of real, everyday students that help make decisions and give input into problem affecting the teens of Arizona- invites youth leaders from across the vast expanse of our state of Arizona to put in an application.  An application to help become an active leader in your community.  The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family creates a new board every year with sophomores, juniors and seniors from all fifteen counties in our state.  The board operates on a timeline based in the school year calendar, so that means that while they are looking for applications now, it will apply to the next school year’s board timeline, not the already existing one’s.

The Governor’s Youth Commission, or the GYC, boasts an opportunity for personal growth by learning about government and policies, identifying personal opinions, and learning what it means to represent people in any institution; leadership development by learning how to manage time and people in a way that benefits everyone in the community; and community engagement around pressing teen issues.

When a student becomes part of the GYC, they learn invaluable skills for becoming a future leader.  The GYC says they will learn how to serve on a board, participate in committees, plan service projects, gain public speaking skills, and build friendships statewide.

This leadership program is no simple neighborhood get together;  The GYC is nationally recognized and holding a position definitely has some weight to it.  If you know anyone that will be a sophomore, junior, or senior in the 2020 school year and would be interested in serving as an ambassador in the Governor’s Youth Commission, then have them submit an application by March 31, 2020 at 5:00 P.M..  Click here to apply.

Hey Knights, let’s show them how awesome we are; apply today!