District AAA Recognition 2019-2020


Last week, students gathered around the gym for a back-to-school success assembly. One of the main things covered were the AAA Winners and Nominees of 2019-2020. Three females were awarded for their many leadership roles on our campus- Mrs. Berger, Hannah Tsay, and Paige Jiemback.

Mrs. Berger, World Language Teacher

Mrs. Berger has been a part of ACP for over 7 years; she is known as the World Language teacher for Spanish. Apart from that, her passion and willingness to always help others- whether it’s her peers, students, or faculty- is incredible and truly inspiring. She is a remarkable teacher who definitely deserves this award.

Hannah Tsay (12)

Hannah Tsay is a senior who is known for her predominant leadership skills as an officer for Key Club. She has embarked on multiple roles of this sort like coordinating volunteer events, working with non-profit charity organizations, local businesses, district elementary schools, and many more. She is a hard-working student who does countless amount of service and cares massively for the community of Chandler!

Paige Jiemback, Guest Volunteer

Lastly, Paige Jiemback is an extraordinary parent volunteer, who’s most known for her work in Robotics Club. She plays an immense role in the success of this club by volunteering three days a week, transporting tools to the competition sites, and generously bringing homemade snacks for the team. Apart from the wonderful work she does, Paige is keen on getting insights from fellow students of ACP and even runs the concession stands!

It is fascinating to see how much leadership we have at this school; whether it is from volunteering for a club or being the president of it, ACP always gives 100% to anyway we can help the community and our school. Congratulations to all three ladies and thank you for all the work you’ve done these past years; ACP appreciates your work tremendously.