Emma Francisco Making Her Future


Many of ACP’s students set themselves apart by becoming leaders in their communities.  Strong leadership and concern for people make world leaders and the people know it.  There are more leadership programs, funds, awards, and training sessions than you could ever imagine!  These programs work diligently to discover the greatest talents and enhance those throughout the year.

One of the many resources available when looking to help pay for college is the plethora of scholarships and awards ripe for the taking for those willing to work for them.  Well, Emma Francisco, a junior at ACP, has helped fuel her future and dreams by working as a leader in her community.  Every year the BBB Awards and Mentor Program from the Girls Rule Foundation selects anywhere from four to six girls to receive a grant of 1,000 dollars toward their dream.  Their dreams could be anything: going to college, traveling the world, enrolling in other leadership programs, or becoming exchange students!

It doesn’t matter what their dream is, but in order to win, the girls must embody what the Girls Rule Foundation values most.  They must be Brilliant, Beautiful, and Bold.  Brilliant is using their strengths to solve problems and become a role model for finding good solutions.  Beautiful may be misleading, but they don’t mean physical beauty; they mean listening to your heart.  They want girls to be beautiful on the inside and the outside, someone that is bursting with compassion, easily generous, and kind to all.  Finally, Bold.  Bold is being able to pursue their dreams even when it’s difficult and to not just work toward their own success, but to help others rise up to the challenge as well.  Courage and confidence are a leader’s greatest assets.

With all the required qualifications it is rather difficult to win, but some girls really are just that great!  Emma was one of the only six winners and she had to be nominated, then assessed, and finally rewarded.   The Girls Rule Foundation receives many nominations from teachers, coaches, principles, parents, and youth leaders for girls all over the country, and they narrow it down to six girls that most deserve this money.  Emma was nominated by our school counselor and after waiting, and waiting, and hoping, she got the award!  We can’t wait to see what you do to pursue your passions, your goals, and your dreams!  Great job, Emma!