High School Information Night is Coming Soon!

High School Information Night is Coming Soon!

ACP Erie is a smaller school in the Chandler district and has been growing steadily over the last several years.  ACP welcomes students from all over Chandler to enjoy a safe and educational atmosphere that helps students learn and develop to be their best.  Our great teachers and students body make it easy for new students to be integrated into the school’s vibes and be successful in their studies.

In an effort to be accessible and make information easy to get, Arizona College Prep will be hosting a High School Information Night this Wednesday, January 15.  Erie’s administration will be giving a presentation to parents and students that would be interested in attending Erie in the future.  The meeting will be in the gym at 6:00 P.M.

Erie is a very academically-inclined school, but we also play host to a plethora of sports, clubs, and different activities.  We have school teams for any sport you can think of: football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis, cross country, swim, basketball, badminton, spiritline, wrestling, softball, beach volleyball, and even golf!  Sports help keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and physical health into daily life.  Maybe sports aren’t your thing, but you want to exercise; we offer general physical education classes, yoga classes, and weight training for off-season athletes or people looking to build their health in a focused, personalized way.

Besides sports, we have a colossal number of clubs!  There truly is a club for everyone.  Just to give you an idea of the diversity of interests in our school, here are some of our clubs: KOS theater, Speech and Debate, AP Scholars, Photography, Tutoring, Computer Science, Black Student Union, Girls Who Code, Robotics, Health and Fitness, She’s the First, Spanish Club, Design Club, Yearbook, Key Club, Newspaper, Roll of the Die, Mobius E-Waste, Biophysics, Makerspace, StuGo, Helping Hands, Dance Club, Creative Writing, DECA, Video Game Club, Software App Design, Red Cross, and more!  Our dedicated principle, Mr. Bickes, has always encouraged students to take the initiative and create new clubs.  If something interests you, you can create your own club and draw in people that share your passion.

Please tell any interested family, friends, or neighbors about the opportunities ACP Erie offers! Go, Knights!