Winter Formal Was An Absolute Grand Slam!


The winter formal truly was a night to remember.  The high school dance was off-set by a drizzling rain that made the the lights sparkle and gave the night a very grand feeling as students ran from their cars to the gym’s entrance.  The tables in the foyers were laden with yummy-looking treats that lured back students throughout the dance, and students dropped off tickets passing the table with longing glances.  Friends came in chattering groups and couples hurried in together to avoid the rain, but once you were inside, it was a completely different world.

The darkness wasn’t complete, but as your eyes adjusted, you walked the lit path to the dance floor and tables.  Attendees went straight to the tables to claim a spot to drop their belongings off, then cooed over their friends and classmates as they came in to join them.  The picture booth, courtesy of Mrs. Bishop, was flashing away, with students lining up to get their pictures taken before they got messy dancing.

The room echoed with music, and the vibration of the beat could be felt in your feet and in your chest.  Girls and boys alike shed shoes, jackets, purses, and phones to get on the dance floor.  Soon the room revolved around the music; the dance floor pulsed with energy, swinging back and forth.  The lights hit with the music and everyone lost it.  The mosh pit that was the dance floor was filled with jumping, singing, and sweaty students.  Some songs brought everyone together is a loud voice singing along with the lyrics.  The dances synchronized and a real unity came about with a favorite- “Gas Pedal.”

Throughout the night, the water stations were visited, entertaining for a few seconds, then the students would rush back to the dance floor, thirst satiated.  When it got too hot, too heavy, too much, students stepped outside for a moment of fresh air.  Shoe-less feet  tiptoed to avoid the water; the rain got heavier and heavier pounding the gym’s roof unheard by any of the inhabitants.  They always went back in to get more of the atmosphere of confidence and insanity.

The dance floor never emptied.  For three hours the students of ACP danced their hearts out on the floor.  The decorations transformed the space into the place to be on a Saturday night.  The night came to close at nine o’clock, and not eager for it to end, the dancers demanded another song, a chant echoed by everyone.  Indulged, one more song was able to shake the gym’s walls before everyone went home, hurrying for their cars in the relentless rain, feet aching from the night of fun.

The night was bliss.  We, the students body, can’t wait for the next one to be just as awesome!  Go, StuGo!  You did an incredible job; thank you so much for a great night!