Power in Numbers: Math Club’s Car Show


Kristin Myer

Calvin G. and Ian J. helped sell tickets at the show.

ACP Math Club members woke up bright and early last Saturday morning, November 23rd, to host the Power in Numbers car show! Sacrificing sleep for the good of the team, several members showed up in the ACP-Erie main parking lot as early as 6 A.M. to help set-up. Car enthusiasts began pulling up at 7:30 A.M. to enter the show. 

Kristin Myer

At the end of the show, around 1:30 P.M., Math Club sponsor Mrs. Craft revealed the winning vehicles. For the classic cars, a 1956 orange Chevrolet pick-up truck took home the win. For the modern cars, a 2016 red Corvette stole the show.

Ambitious Math Club members are hoping to attend Mu Alpha Theta Nationals this year. This car show was just one of the many ways that they are raising funds to achieve their goal. To learn more about the car show, I interviewed Math Club member Blake Enwiller:

Q1: What was your role in the car show?

A1: I worked at the concession stand serving hot beverages and snacks to competitors and students.

Q2: What was your favorite part of attending the car show?

A2: I really enjoyed finding time throughout the show to talk to each of the competitors. They all have their own stories about their cars, and hearing them was really interesting. Some guy talked about how he had had his car for over 30 years and completely modernized it.

Kristin Myer
Here’s the winning classic car, a Chevy pick-up.

Q3: Would you want to repeat this event again next year?

A3: Yes. I feel like we can go off of what we did right and what we could’ve done better to make this event successful. I think it’s an enjoyable event for all. Students, parents, and friends can all enjoy the music and cars that competitors showcase.

Q4: What would you improve for the future?

A4: To improve this event, I think that we could get more students involved. This year, we didn’t have enough marketing, so we didn’t get as many people as we hoped. Next year, we will promote it to more students. It gives them a fun event to look forward to, and it raises more funds for Math Club!

Q5: What’s your favorite type of motor vehicle?

A5: Any car with a Jeopardy decal. They exist.

Alex Lee entered her car in the show in the modern category.

Q6: Are you interested in attending Nationals, and why?

A6: Absolutely! I think that it’s a valuable learning experience to compete with students across America.

Thank you, Blake, for this insight into Math Club’s car show! Good luck to Math Club members, as they continue to fundraise for Nationals.