Knight Games Assembly


Students decked out in white. Image by Sydney Konatske.

Image by Sydney Konatske.

Last Friday, StuGo put together a white-out assembly to get everyone exhilarated for Knight Games and to introduce the winter sports.  Ava and Liam as the MC’s started off by recognizing Candy Gao and Ashley Yang for their exemplary work for badminton at state. ACP’s faculty honored freshmen Alex Kroumov and Jordan Hill, sophomores Nevan Hanford and Kate Leinenweber, juniors Nikhil Dave and Hiwot Endeshaw, and seniors Ian Booth and Kashish Athmanatha as the November Student of the Month;. Congratulations!

Mr. Bickes talking about the National Blue Ribbon Award. Image by Sydney Konatske.

Mr. Bickes then took over and reflected upon what had happened this past week in Washington D.C. He mentioned how grateful he was to receive the National Blue Ribbon Award for our school and realized that less than a ½ of a percent of all schools in the nation receive that award.

Continuing with the uplifting news, ACP has proudly decided to put in a new Choir Club. Sophomore Ellie Takeuchi and junior Skylar Hudson enthralled the whole gym with singing Wings by Little Mix.

Image by Sydney Konatske.

As fall sports are over, winter sports- soccer, basketball, and wrestling- were introduced to the front of the gym. It will be exciting to see how they play this year. After that, we had an astonishing performance by Ashley,  she mesmerized the whole gym with her wing prop and glorified everyone’s eyes with the colorful hula hoop. As the assembly came to an end, StuGo closed off with a reminder for Knight Games.

Overall, this assembly was a perfect way to wrap up spirit week and start getting ready for Thanksgiving Break!