ACP’s Annual Knight Games Are Around the Corner


This Friday, November 22nd, ACP-Erie’s Student Government is hosting its annual Knight Games! Complete with tons of games that will give students the chance to unleash their competitive side, Knight Games is sure to be a fun evening for everyone. If you would like to participate, arrive before 6 p.m. to check-in your team. Knight Games ends at 8:30 P.M., but the fun doesn’t stop there.  To hype students for Knight Games, this week is spirit week! For more information about what the spirit days are, take a look at the following poster.

Photo credits: Mr. Bickes
Here are this week’s spirt days.

Also, this year, Knight Games will be Battle-of-the-Classes style. To learn more about the event, I interviewed sophomore and student government member Carrie Chen:

Q1: What’s different about Knight Games this year?

A1: This year, Knight Games is being held completely in the gym instead of around campus. There will be music and lots of fun! The color war will still be taking place outside, of course. Also, it’s BOTC style this time, so instead of individual teams, the whole class will work together to rack up points.

Q2: What’s your role in the preparations for Knight Games?

A2: I am not personally in the Knight Games committee, but the full council helps with brainstorming a bit. As well, we help make some decorations involved with the event. Our Knight Games committee does most of the other work, and they’ve done a great job!

Q3: Have you enjoyed preparing for Knight Games?

A3: Yes! I love preparing for events; it’s always a lot of fun! It gets chaotic at times, but that’s just the process.

Here are some of ACP’s students that participated in last year’s Knight Games.

Q4:What is the main purpose of Knight Games?

A4: The main purpose of Knight Games is to bond with each other and have fun! High school is exhausting and having a chance to just hang out and play games with your friends relieves stress and makes good memories. The fact that Knight Games is BOTC style also promotes friendly competition between classes and bonding within classes.

Q5: What activities are in store for us, or is this a surprise?

A5: Since I’m not personally on the committee, I don’t have a complete list of games or anything, but there will be fun games, and the iconic color war.

Pre-registration forms are available in the office. Admission tickets are $2 with an activity card, $5 without an activity car, and free with a $10 t-shirt pre-order. Prepare for some friendly competition at this year’s Knight Games!