Knight Games Spirit Week!


Spirit Week came back once again in the second quarter where students wore fun and creative outfits this whole week. This quarter’s spirit week lasted right before we go off to Thanksgiving Break from November 18-22, and in honor of Knight Games this Friday. Here is a quick look on how the student’s dressed up this week:

Freshmen dressed in onsies for Laid-Back Monday!

On Laid Back Monday, students wore their comfy and cozy pajamas to school. To the left, we see the freshmen dressed in cute onsies in front of the spirit week sign.

Sophomores and juniors dressed up as E-Boys/Girls. Image by Maria

On Tik-Tok Tuesday, students dressed up as either a VSCO Girl, wearing oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, bracelets, shell necklaces, Birkenstocks, and Crocs, or an E-Boy/Girl wearing either black clothes, striped shirts, or graphic t-shirts, paired with chains as an accessory. Here is a snap of some of the sophomores and juniors who dressed up as E-Boys/Girls.



Sophomores Julissa, Whitney, and Ashten wearing clothes representing their favorite team. Image by Ashten Sink

Next, we had Jersey Wednesday where students dressed in their favorite athletic teams jersey/shirt. To the right, we see sophomores Julissa, Whitney, and Ashten wearing clothes representing their favorite team.

Amal and Orla taking it back to the 70’s and 90’s! Image by Amal

On Throw Back Thursday, students dressed up like hippies from the 70’s, wore bell-bottom jeans like in the 60’s, or flannels from the 90’s.

Juniors Katarina Marceta and Kristin Myer dressed in white on Friday

On Friday, Juniors Katarina Marceta and Kristin Myer decked out in white for the Q2 black-light assembly.

This was quite an interesting and amusing Spirit Week; it was great to see the students’ creativity and new ways to dress up for each day. As a reminder, be sure to come to Knight Games tonight from 6:00-9:00 P.M.!