Cross Country’s State Adventure


Our cross country runners are making the most of close ending season! Last Friday, November 8th, cross country competed in a sectional meet.  The boys team got a strong seventh place finish with 144 points, which qualified them for a spot in the state championship.  In order to compete in the state tournament, you have to be on one of the top seven teams in a your section.  Our girls cross country did even better making second place and getting 63 points.  This also qualifies them for the state tournament.  This weekend the girls and boys cross country will be attending the state tournament.  Our qualifiers are Nardia Padilla, Lauren Hansen, Devon Baggot, Eryca Fawkes, Isabel Brady, Elizabeth Nakia, Zoe Turnbow, Hannah Tsay, Hallie Melonson, Ethan Fawkes, Oliver Williams, Curtis Wilkerson, Matt Furcone, Advik Venkatesh, Collin Ramey, Abraham Troop, Jayden Brown, and Jaylen Brown!

One of the qualifiers, Zoe Turnbow, was interviewed for this upcoming event.

Q:  Does cross country send the same amount of girls and boys for state? 

A: Yes, our cross country team sends the top seven runners for boys and girl to participate in state.

Q: How have you, as a qualifier, prepared yourself for state?  

A: I have prepared by doing my best at practice and not giving up even when I’m tired.  At night I make sure I am taking care of my muscles by stretching and rolling them out and getting plenty of sleep!

Q: How many other schools are there in the division ACP plays in?

A: There are 52 schools in our division competing at state this weekend.

Q: How many people do you guess will be competing at state? 

A: I have no idea, but I know there’s a lot of people!

Q: How has the meet last Saturday affected cross country’s confidence going into state?  

A: I think that sectionals last Saturday has made us incredibly excited and feeling prepared for state!

Our cross country team has had a wonderful season and with state rounding out the season, their hard work is paying off.  We wish our cross country team good luck on their fight for first place! Go, Knights!