Badminton’s Boisterous Banquet


Now that the Badminton season is over, the players who really gave everything to the team need to be celebrated.  The players on the badminton team worked everyday for the betterment of their team and each other, but there are a few that stand out both for skill in the game and leadership in the team.  These ladies work hard, work smart, and help other people in all they do.  Their contributions were recognized and appreciated at the annual Badminton banquet last Thursday, November 7.  JV and varsity players were crowded and mixed together at two tables, making enough noise to equal a table of football players.  The potluck party featured a wonderful array of delicious dishes in a Chipotle-style meal making process.

Through out the evening, the coach, the captain, and the girls gave and exchanged gifts with squeals of joy and cries of thank you.  Disregarding the food and gifts, there were awards to give and honorable mentions to make!  The badminton coach, Mrs. Klauer, called up all of her JV player and made a very moving speech, calling out the effort, close friendship, and unending support displayed by the players of the JV team.  Each player was given a shout-out, but some were focused on with intense compliments for whatever their contribution was. Congratulations!

Afterward, Mrs. Klauer called up the varsity players and gave a similarly emotional and heartfelt speech reiterating her admiration and appreciation for the team captain, Candy Gao, and other invaluable players.  She handed out athletic letters to the first-time varsity players and small, gold bars to her repeat varsity players.  Additionally, she had small gift statues for the seniors playing their last year with her on the Badminton team.  All in all, the night was a beautiful affair that attending parents enjoyed and girls used as their final good bye to their team, until next year!  Candy Gao, our varsity three player, was interviewed about the night and how she felt.

Q: What did you want to be your legacy as the team captain?

A: As team captain I want my legacy to be someone that the whole team can look up to and be there when they need me.

Q: How do you think this season went as your last with ACP?

A: I think this season went fairly well. It was a bit harder this season because we had so many new players while the seniors last year already had experience playing badminton from the year before. Nevertheless, I am very proud of how hard everyone worked and was quick to adapt to this new sport.

Q: Do you intend to continue to play badminton in college or only as a hobby after you graduate?

A: Yes, I want to continue in college and hope to try out for club badminton.

Q: Do you have anything you want to say to the rest of the Badminton players and future players for the team?

A: I want to wish you all to have a great season. But aside from wining, I hope that you guys will make new friends, bond together as a team, and just enjoy the sport. I hope that badminton will be something that sticks with you not only through your high school years, but maybe for the rest of your life.

After state, the players were given any mentions they deserved, and our state competitors, Candy Gao, Ashley Yang, and Saanvi Agrawal, received awards!  Ashley Yang, our Varsity two player and only freshman on the team was named to the All-CUSD Badminton Team for singles!  In the entire district only six ladies are picked and given that honor making this title even more impressive.  Our varsity one player, Candy Gao, received an All-CUSD Badminton Honorable Mention!

All of our state players were nominated by the AIA as outstanding singles players in the East Valley Division!  Meanwhile, Candy and Ashley, the doubles team that went to state, were nominated as an outstanding doubles team!  These are just nominations and the actual results will be in next week for who won these prestigious titles.