The AZCardinals Visited ACP Erie and Presented Coach Blue With a Special Award


Last Friday, Adam Richman, the Community Relations Coordinator/Alumni Program Coordinator at Arizona Cardinals Football Club, presented an award to one of our amazing coaches for football, Myron Blueford,  in recognition of his efforts for implementing and building an amazing football team.

Q: Why did the AZCardinals come to our school?

A: Every week, the Arizona Cardinals honor a coach who has had either a good game, season, or turnaround season. I guess this all started by the media where they recognize coaches and the Cardinals from them, and we were fortunate to be selected.

Q: What did they talk about or what went down that morning?

They came in and presented with a whole bunch of stuff-  an award, hat, shirt, and side-line tickets to the Cardinals game. They mostly talked about our victory over Fountain Hills (32-21), when we came back and scored 26 points in the Fourth Quarter to win that game, which was pretty epic. They talked about our program as a whole, going from winning one game last year and now heading to the playoffs.

Q: What advice did they give to the football team?

They told them to keep working hard. It was ironic because Adam Richman was the gentleman who came to present the award, and I actually have a history with him. I played semi-professional football at a league that he owns, so we met through that.  He has also kept tabs on our team and actually requested to come to our school and present the award. It was special because he saw me from the beginning when I was a player to now being a coach.

Congratulations to Coach Blue!  Your motivation and dedication to the team to this school and the team is always phenomenal!