Running to Victory: Cross Country’s First Place Finish at Valley Lutheran


Photo from the ACP Athletics Website

The Boys Cross Country team celebrates their victory at the meet.

On October 16th, ACP’s Cross Country team took home an exciting victory! The team competed in the Valley Lutheran Invitational at Rose Mofford Park in Phoenix, Arizona. At the event, the Boys Varsity Cross Country team finished in first place, amassing a total of 88 points. Additionally, the Girls Varsity Cross Country team was triumphant, securing a first place win for ACP with a total of 29 points. Our runners trained aggressively for the event, and this training clearly paid off.

Photo from ACP Athletics website
The Girls Cross Country team members gather after their first place win!

For the Boys Cross Country team, Ethan Fox finished in first place, followed by Matthew Furcone and Advik  Venkatesh. Freshmen runners Oliver Williams and Collin Ramey also had top-finishing times. The Girls Cross Country team had Eryka Fawkes in the lead, finishing first, followed by Isabel Brady, finishing fourth. To learn more about the event, I interviewed Ethan Fox, first-place finisher for Boys Cross Country.

Q1: How long have you been a part of the Cross Country team?

A1: I’ve been a part of Cross Country for three years.

Q2: How did you feel when you won the Valley Lutheran meet?

A2: Awesome! It felt amazing to win first place.

Q3: What training methods did you use to prepare for the meet?

A3: To prepare, I ran long, drawn-out runs for more than four miles at a time. As well, I did some interval training, which involves running for two minutes at a full sprint, then running for two minutes at a fast jog.

Q4: What is the best part of being on the Cross Country team?

A4: My favorite part of being on the team is becoming in shape and experiencing the great attitudes that the coaching staff and runners bring toward running.

Q5: Do you play any other sports? If so, what are they?

A5: I play basketball, run in track, and swim.

Cross Country runners spend lots of time training for their meets

Q6: Is there anything else that you would like to mention about your accomplishment or the team?

A6: Our girls won first last night so congratulations to them as well!

The Cross Country team’s next meet, the Chandler City Meet, is coming up next Wednesday, October 30th, at Tumbleweed Recreation Center. Be sure to congratulate the athletes for their performance at the Valley Lutheran Invitational and wish them luck at their next one!