Recapping the First Quarter of the School Year


As we wrap-up quarter one, let’s take a moment to reflect on the academic accomplishments, athletic achievements, and notable events in the lives of ACP-Erie’s busy students.

First Week of School

Students gather during the first week of school.

In late July, seniors welcomed both new and returning classmates with a galaxy-themed pep assembly. Student Body President Ahlias Jones introduced the motto of the Class of 2020, “2020 Vision”, and encouraged the student body to create their own visions for the future. Black lights, glowing interstellar decorations, and wise words from our seniors marked the beginning of a new school year.

Welcoming New Staff Members

Mr. Kimball is one of ACP’s newest teachers.

The beginning of this school year brought with it several new faces around campus. To name a few, this year we welcomed Mr. Johnson, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Kimball as teachers. Mrs. Swanson joined the staff as ACP’s social worker, and she will be assisting students with mental health issues. Additionally, our new dean of students, Mrs. McClure, will advise teachers on instructional processes and professional development.


As the quarter progressed, fall athletes made impressive strides as they represented ACP-Erie with unrelenting enthusiasm. ACP’s Varsity Football team racked up a win-loss record of 5-2, slamming opponents at both their first game of the year and the Homecoming Game. On September 12th, Varsity Swim took home a personal victory at the Seton Catholic swim meet. The boys relay team – Ryan Grey, Logan Sylvester, Taylor Smith, and Andrew Kang – broke a school record for free relay!

Spirit Week and Homecoming 

ACP-Erie’s students participated in this quarter’s Spirit Week, putting their relentless school spirit on display for all to see. Homecoming festivities were all the rage, including a tailgate party, football game, royalty nominations, and the dance itself. To recap, the following individuals were selected as ACP’s 2019 Homecoming royalty:

  • King and Queen: Nadia Fernando  and James Chadwick
  • Prince and Princess: Amy Tran and Noah Croft
  • Duke and Duchess: Bryce Chen and Jennyfer Park
  • Lord and Lady: Joseph Fortunato  and Presley Brewer

ACP’s Varsity Football team was victorious at the football game, bringing home another win for our school. As well, students had a blast at the Homecoming dance itself, which was a throwback to the days of Old Hollywood.


Here’s a look at the Friday night lights from one of our Varsity Football games.

Recognition for Students of the Month and National Hispanic Scholar

This Tuesday, September 24th, students gathered in the gym for one of the last school-wise assemblies of the first quarter. During this assembly, Principal Bickes announced the Students of the Month for August and September. He also revealed the National Hispanic Scholar Qualifiers from our senior class.

Students of the Month for August

The Students of the Month for August and September are as follows:


9th Grade – Defne Aydin, William Vannasap

10th Grade – Sai Chintala, Ethan Ngo

11th Grade – Jenni McMahon, Kellen Gibson

12th Grade – Elaina Ashton, Dawson Moulesong


9th Grade – Sanchi Patel, Ryan Schoenthal

10th Grade – Sohani Sandhu, Jacob Sherman

11th Grade – Lam Pham, Hyung Seo “Julia” Lee

12th Grade – Marley Busch, Liam Combs

The following students qualified as National Hispanic Scholars based on their PSAT results from junior year:

  • Julia Diaz
  • Octavio Diaz
  • Emma Fendrick
  • Nathaniel France
  • Mia Gomez
  • Nicholas Matthews
  • Damien Rivera

Congratulations to these individuals for their PSAT accomplishments!

Students of the Month for September

Looking Forward to Quarter Two

We have a two-week break to rest and recuperate before leaping into second quarter. Once student return from break, they will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 16th. That afternoon, ACP-Erie will be welcoming a hypnotist guest speaker to entertain students. For the junior class, the PSAT is a key test for earning scholarships and practicing for the SAT. We have a busy quarter coming up, with lots of athletic events and academic tournaments on the horizon. Let’s take fall break to rest so that we can return ready for a productive second quarter!