Knights on Stage Gets Recognized

Knights on Stage Gets Recognized

ACP boasts a theater club called Knights on Stage or KOS who were recently recognized as a genuine theater troupe!  This group of students are fueled by creativity and strive to do their best!  Knight on Stage has made one production so far with many to come.  Their first performance was a comedic play about the Greek myths with a fun spin that made them all more modern and full of jokes.  The last performance was a hit, and we all look forward to their upcoming fall production with anticipation.  So remember to go out and see the next production, Axe of Murder in the ACP theaters!

Mrs. Lewandowski, our wonderful theater teacher, went through the process of getting our school recognized as a member of the International Thespian Society.  This means that we are now an authentic theater troupe.  We were dubbed Thespian Troupe 8909!  This honors society can now recognize students of Knights on Stage!  We interviewed Mrs. Lewandowski for more information on this honors society and the wonderful opportunity they have by being involved in the International Thespian Society.

Q: Do you have to apply to be recognized?  What is the criteria needed to be fulfilled for becoming a troupe?

A:  To be eligible, the troupe must have at least six students who meet the requirements for thespian status; we were able to induct 16 students this September.

To become a thespian, a student must be participating in the school’s theatre program, worked on at least two productions, and completed at least 100 hours of quality work in theatre and related disciplines

Q: Did you have to change anything about K.O.S. to be recognized? 

A:  Thankfully, no 🙂 We were already doing everything we need to do to be an eligible theatre program.

Q: How will this affect Knights On Stage if it does at all?

A:  Being part of ITS gives KOS recognition from an international honor society, which then gives additional stature to our theatre company. It recognizes the time and commitment that students must make when involved in theatre. Students can also experience various leadership opportunities through ITS as well as opportunities to earn scholarships.

In addition, the troupe can be invited to perform at state and national festivals. In fact, ACP’s ITS members will be competing in the One-Act Competition and the Tech Competition at the State Festival in November.

Q: Did you receive any sort of plaque or certificate to hang in the drama room?

A:  Yes! We received a Thespian Troupe Charter certificate as well as a Membership Roll Certificate that all thespians will sign; we will be able to add to this as we induct more students. Both of these will be displayed on the ACP stage.

Q: How can a student get recognized by the International Thespian Society?

A:  Our seniors will earn ITS cords to wear at graduation; there are also Thespian Scholar stoles and collars that students can earn, but I’m still learning the details about that. This academic recognition is part of the ITS advanced point system that will be implemented with a progressively higher honors system. Hopefully, I will be able to learn about the requirements in the very near future!

What an honor and how exciting to be in theater now!  Congratulations to our Theater Troupe 8909 and thanks, Mrs. Lewandowski, for putting in the effort to make it all the more awesome!  Remember to see Knights on Stage’s newest production this fall!