A Rundown of Spirit Week!


This week was full of school spirit as ACP students dressed up everyday, counting down days until the profound Homecoming dance arrives. Today is the final day before we throw it back to the Age of Old Hollywood tomorrow at the Homecoming dance from 7-10:00 P.M at the gym. Here is a quick look of how Knights put their creative minds to the test for spirit week:

Student Government all dressed up for Monochrome Monday!
Photo courtesy by Carrie C.

To start off the week, on Monday, September 16, students dressed up in only black, white, or grey attire for Monochrome Monday. On the right, we have the fantastic Student Government, ready to start off the week for all upcoming Homecoming festivities.


Juniors Kristin Myer, Astha Rohit, Abigail Rothert, and Katarina Marceta dressed up as Bliss, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from the classic show The PowerPuff Girls!

On Tuesday, September 17, students dressed up in their favorite cartoon character attire for Animated Tuesday. Students got extremely creative with this idea, as you see on the left- Kristin Myer(11), Astha Rohit (11) Abigail Rothert (11), and Katarina Marceta (11) dressed up as Bliss, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from the classic TV show The PowerPuff Girls.

Next, we had Boujee Wednesday where the whole campus dressed in all forms of designer clothing and expensive looks. They filled the rooms with name-brand clothes and accessories.

Sophomores Carrie and Tarryn showing off their Cowboy spirit! Photo courtesy by Carrie C.

On Cowboys vs Aliens Thursday, students flooded the school’s campus with flannels, hats, and crazy alien makeup. Take a look at some of the sophomores dressed up in the classic Cowboy attire.

Seniors Merola Bebeway and Paige Cain decked-out in red for Red Carpet Friday!

Today, Knights showed up at school decked-out in red, in preparation for the Homecoming Dance and Game. On the right, we have Paige Lindstrom (12) and Merola Bebeway (12) who threw it back to Old Hollywood for Red Carpet Friday.

As hectic as this week was, everyone had a blast dressing up in fun costumes in preparation for the Old Hollywood dance. Have a great weekend Knights and be sure to come to the Homecoming Football game at Perry High School at 7 P.M. Homecoming Court will also be announced and food trucks will be available.

See you there, Knights!