College Visit from Duke!


Taken from NBC News

On Wednesday, September 18, Duke University visited Arizona College Preparatory Erie.  This college, that calls North Carolina it’s home, met at 8:30 A.M. and students interested in attending Duke, or simply looking for information on them, went to the meeting and collected packets and pamphlets bursting with information and invitations.  All visiting colleges will have booklets and assorted leaflets given out for the education of interested individuals.

College is an opportunity to expand your education through an academic route, and while college is not for everyone it is available to all.  Getting to live campus life as a college student is a wonderful, independence-developing experience that many people participate in and celebrate.  Every college is different and specializes in distinct areas based on their expertise. Duke is well-known for their degrees in Biomedical Engineering- they have been consistently ranked as one of the top three programs nation wide.

By visiting our campus, Duke University gave our students a chance to learn about them ahead of time and look into possible scholarships.  Being able to learning about college opportunities, or even plan a path for the future are valuable opportunities, and talking to different colleges when they come to visit our renowned school is a wise decision when you are looking to plan a route to college.  Make sure to attend all visiting colleges’ meetings and learn as much as you can, Knights!  Go out and be who you were meant to be!