CIF T-Shirt Design Competition Starting!

Chandler Innovation Fair logo

Chandler Innovation Fair logo

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The Chandler Innovation Fair committee is on the look out for the next revolutionary design to alight on their T-shirts and they want to see your ideas!  The Chandler Innovation Fair committee is holding their second annual T-Shirt Design Competition for the students of Chandler to submit their ideas to.  All T-shirt designs should be eight-and-a-half inches by eleven inches so they fit nicely on the shirts.  If you want to submit an your idea or design, you must turn it in by Wednesday, October 23rd.  Hand in your design idea to any one of your teacher and our school will turn in all designs at once to the CIF committee.

Chandler Innovation Fair designs from last year were intricate and simple, colorful and monochromatic, and most importantly, unique and distinctive.  We had a few last year that were in the final choices including one that depicted the earth with a swooping banner highlighting the words “Chandler Innovation Fair”.  Of course, this was masterfully done and had many additional details that added more meanings and subtle messages of inclusion and positivity.  Last year the final design choice wasn’t a design from one of our ACP students, but we would love it if the design this year was a Knight design, so go out and create!  Embrace your gifts and implement them in your community!