Sock Drive Assembly

Sock Drive Assembly

A Sock Drive, for students of CUSD who are in need of clothes, was held Tuesday, September 3rd during Success in the gym. The event was hosted by Allison Gruwell, an ACP Erie Senior and an Ambassador for her Girl Scout Troop.  The focus of the week-long event is to collect new socks and give them to low income families and the homeless community.

What’s a sock drive without a good ‘ol fashion sock game!  Allison pulled two students from every grade and gave them each a sock to tie to their forearms.  Then things really got outta hand!  The students had to try and yank off the other students’ socks.  It was epic and absolutely hilarious!  The Freshman were the winners!  This opening game was fun and engaging; but then Allison turned to more serious matters.


The last two contestants of the Sock Drive’s game.

During her presentation, she explained that one in every 150 people is homeless and there are 25,000 homeless people in Arizona.  Of the 25,000, about 600 live right here in Chandler.  Additionally, there are an estimated 250 homeless students in the Chandler Unified School District with limited or virtually no school supplies, an absence of simple hygiene products, and no good socks to wear.

Why socks, you might ask? Allison answered that question with a video.

One of the slides during the Socks Drive presentation.

The video explained the challenges facing this community and brought to life the horrific conditions facing our homeless and impoverished families. The video educated the assembly about shelters and homeless aid programs which often receive a tons of clothes, but rarely socks. Imagine wearing holey shoes without socks and walking for miles in the Arizona summer sun – the heat radiating from the concrete right through those dilapidated socks.  This is a serious problem, Allison exclaimed.

You have an opportunity to make a difference!  Donate new socks or make a financial donation to the Sock Drive!

All donations will be collected from your first period classrooms throughout the event.  To make things interesting, ACP will have a Battle of the Classes where each donated pair of socks equals three dollars.  The winning class will be announced at Friday’s football game!  The amount raised by each class will also be reported, so get hopping and sockin’ to help those in need today!