Is that you or Rihanna? Lip Sync Battle!


Teachers are constantly making students take out their Air pods, and if you walk around campus, you will see countless students listening to music.  Well, DECA delivered: a LIP SYNC BATTLE!  Let’s see just how well you know your music!  This last Thursday at 6:00 P.M. the cafeteria was filled with the deafening music of a hundred different artists.  There was echoing cheers and laughter bouncing off the walls and down the attached halls!

The singing was loud and enthusiastic.  The way the Lip Sync Battle worked was through rounds where students would sing and move up a level or be disqualified.  The excitement was palpable and there was cheering and clapping after each performance, but eventually there would be a winner, the most in sync, the most passionate, and the most lively who would win the audience’s approval and the title of best lip sync-er!

Mr. Blueford

There were eight groups that needed three rounds to get to a winner.  At the first round participants would pick a song and sing it, competing against one other group. Whoever got the loudest cheer won that round and went to the semi-final.  The semi-final was a round where you got a randomized song and did your best.  By that round, there was only four groups and the finals had two finalists.  The ultimate winners: Alison Gruwell and Megan Mckenna!

Mr. (Coach) Blueford, our beloved DECA adviser, was interviewed about this fun-filled event.

Q: What was DECA’s goal in holding this Lip Sync Battle?

A: We wanted to start a tradition; we heard of other schools doing it, and DECA at the other schools were hosting it, so we thought it would be kind of cool to have a big event and have us sponsor it.  This also gave us an opportunity to make a little bit of money, too, but mostly we just wanted to start a tradition, to do something fun.  We thought most people would buy into it because it doesn’t really take a lot of talent to mimic a song.

Q: Will you hold this event next year?  Is it annual?

A: Oh yes!  We definitely want to make it annual,  and we had a really good turnout so we are hoping that the popularity of it grows from year to year.

Round 1 Lip Sync Battle

Q: How many people did you expect to show up? How many did show if you had to guess? 

A: We really didn’t know!  We took the approach if it only ended up being DECA people we would have fun and just go from there, but we ended up actually getting 20 people, not including the participants.  It was a great turnout.

Q: Did people in the crowd get rowdy and sing along?

A: No one sang along but they were definitely involved.  It was very comical with some of the acts.  People were laughing, and there was a lot of clapping.  They were holding the mic out, and they would interact with the audience, but it was really cool!

This electrifying Lip Sync Battle was the place to be on a Thursday night!  Our Knights really can “sing”and rock out like the rock stars!  Next year even more Knights will go to have a fun time and belt out some crazy lyrics!  Have fun Knights!