Colleges are Coming to Town!


Taken from US News and World Report

Many students from ACP will go into higher education after high school and colleges are coming to entice them.  Our esteemed school is a magnet for studious and high achieving students, so we grab the attention of many big colleges, both in-state and out-of-state.  This week NAU, University of Utah, and UofA Honors College will be at school to give information and invite students to check out their schools.  Many colleges will even offer “best fit for you” tests that help students find the college that would most motivate and cultivate them and their skills.  These are very useful so don’t forget to ask for the pamphlet for more information about this.  If you have questions about anything, all visiting colleges will encourage that you  ask them.

Taken from NAU Athletics Facebook

On Tuesday, NAU, Northern Arizona University, will be in the library with pamphlets and informational packets.  NAU will be here at 12:00 P.M. during B lunch for students to walk in.  Northern Arizona University is most well known for their Lumberjack scholarship, which requires students to receive all A’s and B’s throughout high school.  This scholarship is very helpful and will be further explained at the NAU college visit when students attend.

On Wednesday, University of Utah will be in the library to draw in students to their school through helpful leaflets and online tests.  University of Utah will be in the library at 9:40 A.M. during club time.  Students can grab a pass to go to the library and ask questions, receive papers, and talk with their spokesperson.  Club time is about half an hour so make the most of your visit, Knights!

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On Friday, the UofA Honors College, University of Arizona, will be in the library.  They will be there at 12:00 P.M. during B  lunch.  Much like NAU, this is an in-state school that would be beneficial to look into, as they are a very honorable school that has received many accolades for their different programs and educational prestige.

Throughout this week colleges will be visiting our campus and giving students an opportunity to further pursue their schooling careers and look at school options.  Make the most of it, Knights and have a spectacular week!