How to Survive Your Freshman Year!

Taken from Grace College

Taken from Grace College

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This year, ACP has finally transitioned from being a 7-12th grade school to a high school! As an incoming sophomore who finished her freshman year about two months ago, I have some of the best ways to survive your freshman year. This year should definitely be the easiest high school year. There’s no doubt that high school can be intimidating, but if you know what to expect and are prepared, it will be a piece of cake.  This is the year of exploring the new campus and making great friends. You should not be stressing out because of the responsibilities you have to do in your junior year like, ACT, SAT, PSAT, or college applications, though it is acceptable to begin planning for these essential components of high school. If you are interested in these tips, keep reading.

1. Read the syllabus

Know what the teacher expects of you. Figure out how much tests and quizzes are worth; some teachers love student participation and grade heavily on it while others don’t. Make sure you’re familiar with each teacher’s policy on gum, drinks, and food in their respective class.

2. Get yourself a planner

Don’t try to remember everything in your head! A planner is where all your upcoming tests, quizzes, assignments, and appointments will all be in one place. Remember, this doesn’t have to be the planner your school has given you, it could be on your phone or even a piece of paper, just don’t lose it. High school is hard and forgetting simple things is common, but if you stay organized and write assignments and projects down, it will be much easier to get things done.

3. Always be in dress code

Getting a lunch detention on the third week of school isn’t the best way to start off the year. Dress appropriately, as you don’t want to be sent to the office just to change clothes.

4. Get involved

Join a club or start a club.  Say hello to the person sitting next to you, be friendly with your new lab partner. These small details is what might make a friendship of a lifetime. Athletic games and dances are also a perfect way to show school spirit and hang out with your friends as well.

5. Have fun!

High school is stressful enough, so don’t forget to have fun in your freshman year. We have games, dances, clubs, carnivals, lip sync battles, plays, and many more to make this school more alive. High school isn’t always about the studying, so you should always be making time for your hobbies, social engagements, and outside responsibilities.

Remember to enjoy your time in high school because it’s guaranteed it will fly by. Four years seems like a long time but it is not, so make the most of it as possible. Before I end this article I wanted to say that freshman year does count! No matter what people say, do not make the mistake of thinking you’ll have plenty of time to bring your grades up later. But other than that, I would like to say good luck to all freshman, and I hope the next four years will be a blast!