The Spirit Line is Hosting a Fundraiser!


This Thursday, August 22, Spiritline will be hosting a fundraiser night at Culver’s.  Culver’s flavor of the day for Thursday is Peanut Butter Cup and highly recommended by all who have tried it, so come join us for some food and fun at Culver’s and support you ACP Cheer!  The address is 1510 S Arizona Ave. Chandler AZ 8528.  The food-fueled fundraiser will be from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.  In order to participate in the fundraiser all you have to do is mention ACP Cheer when you are placing your order.  Our cheer team is the heart and spirit of our school. Their enthusiasm and energy are proudly displayed at all assemblies and many games on campus, and this enthusiasm and spirit radiates throughout our gyms, fields, courts, and throughout our student body.

Cheer Coach and our beloved English teacher, Mrs. Skaff, organized this event and was more than willing to answer some questions about it!

Taken from Chandler Unified School District web-page.

Q: What percent of the bill from Culver’s goes to the Spirit Line?

A: We receive 20% of the bill.

Q: Have you done this fundraiser before, if so, how much money do you expect to raise?

A: This is our first time at Culver’s, but in the past we have held other restaurant night fundraisers.  If we only had 100 people show up we could expect to raise about $400.  When the school community supports our different athletic teams by going out to these restaurant nights, it really helps each group raise a good portion of money!

Q: What are your plans for the money?

A: We are working to raise money for our competition fees, which are around $1700 just for our local competition.

Q: Is this your only fundraiser for the year or, should we expect more?

A: We will be holding a variety of fundraisers this year to help pay for our trip to Nationals in Anaheim, which costs around $1,000 per athlete.  We will definitely hold our ice skating night, as well as sell candles, Harkins items, and CANDY!!!!  We really appreciate our student body supporting us.

Our Cheer team is a vital source of energy and excitement to our school!  The Cheer team goes to all the football games and gives the crowd energy to cheer on our football boys throughout the entire game.  They also dedicate their time to the basketball home games, and they fuel spirit week!  Being on the Cheer team is a huge time commitment and a lot of work, but these wonderful ladies make it look easy. Everyday they work hard to make our school the best it can be!