ACP Holds Annual Club Fair

Students are able to explore the variety of clubs available on campus.

ACP Holds Annual Club Fair

The annual ACP Club Fair was held this past Wednesday and Thursday. During the club fair, students are able to find out more about clubs they may be interested in as well as some of the new clubs on campus. Among some of the new and returning clubs this year are the AP Scholars, Sustainability Club, and Key Club.

Key Club

Another returning club to ACP this year is the Key Club. Key Club is a volunteer based club focused on students being active in the community. Key Club is a great club for students looking for volunteer hours or students who want to help out in the community. Ms. Bunch, who sponsors the club, gave her opinions on the club fair and the upcoming year of Key Club.

Q: How was your experience with the club fair?

A: The club fair was crowded, as it seems to be every year, but this year, it felt like there were more children there than usual. I did enjoy the enthusiasm shown by the club promoters as well as the students who were willing to branch out and explore the different clubs available. I also enjoyed seeing the many different handouts given by the clubs.


Q: What are you most excited about sponsoring the Key Club this year?

A: The officers are all returning officers who have experience with the club, and I can’t wait to be able to learn from them. I’m also excited to see how the club brings together groups of people who usually aren’t together. There are athletes working with non-athletes, theater students with non-theater students, and so on.


Q: What are you hoping to achieve or accomplish this year as a club?

A: This year, we’re hoping to meet or exceed our volunteer-ship in the community this year. Overall, we’re hoping to grow a community of volunteers at ACP and to grow the next generation of Key Club leaders following the departure of our current leaders.


Jad Mazboudi, a potential key club member, gave his reasoning as to why he wants to be a part of Key Club

Q: What clubs are you joining this year?

A: I am interested in joining Key Club.

Q: Why do you want to join the Key Club and what are you hoping to get out of it?

A: I am hoping to get some service hours as well as experience and volunteer service.


AP Scholars

AP Scholars is a returning club on campus. The AP Scholars club, sponsored by Mr. Tyler, has been helping students over the last couple years work through their rigorous AP courses.

Q: What are the goals of your club this year?

A: In previous years, the club helped students to self-teach themselves. Last year we helped students learn World History. This year, we’re going to focus on self-teaching European History.


Sustainability Club

Among the new clubs this year is the Sustainability Club. Sustainability is the ability to remain productive indefinitely. Sponsored by Ms. Lindstrom, this club hopes to teach its members this ability.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish as a club this year?

A: We’re hoping to establish a school garden this year. We also want to be able to teach students how to live a sustainable life.


When the bell rang, hordes of students swarmed into the courtyard. Standing at their colorful and creative booths, club leaders were chanting “Join our club!” and listing off the benefits and perks of being a member of their club. Flyers were passed around, and students of all grades were communicating with one another. Everyone was excited about the future of their club and what they were about to accomplish. The bell rang again, and a school full of enthusiastic students rushed back to their classrooms. The ACP Club Fair was a great success!