Cash for Classrooms: Investing in CUSD Students

Image from Chandler Education Foundation

Image from Chandler Education Foundation

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As students spring into the new school year, the Chandler Education Foundation is beginning its annual Cash for Classrooms Campaign. This campaign seeks to raise funds for education enrichment grants that support Chandler’s schools. The Chandler Unified School District has over 46,000 students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade in fifty different schools. CUSD continues to expand each year, so every cent counts for helping fund much-needed supplies, field trips, and other exciting learning opportunities.

Mrs. Giberson, one of ACP’s math teachers, is helping coordinate the Cash for Classrooms fundraiser at ACP. Regarding the campaign, she commented, “The purpose of the fundraiser is to provide classroom, department, or school grants for activities or supplies that are outside of the usual classroom expenses. Many teachers are doing innovative and exciting things that will benefit kids, and this helps to pay for those things.”

Image from Chandler Education Foundation

Here’s some more information about the campaign and how you can help:

Anyone can donate to Cash for Classrooms, and each donation is tax deductible. While all donations are greatly appreciated, CUSD recommends a $5 contribution per family. The money goes toward improving the Chandler Unified School District, enhancing curriculums, and engaging students with entertaining learning experiences. Families can even nominate a particularly remarkable educator to receive a Cash For Classrooms grant for use in their specific classrooms. To recommend a CUSD teacher for a grant, individuals can visit the Cash for Classrooms website.

If you would like to donate to the campaign, please visit the official Cash for Classrooms website: There is also a “text to give” option in which families can text CEF to 480-712-4081 to donate money. ACP students received Cash for Classroom envelopes, which they can return with monetary contributions as well. Donating to the district through this campaign provides an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Chandler students!