A New Addition to ACP: Mr. Kimball

A New Addition to ACP: Mr. Kimball

This year, ACP welcomed several new faculty members to the school community. Mr. Kimball, one of ACP’s newest teachers, teaches AP Psychology and AP United States History. Before joining ACP, he spent his time traveling to many different countries, teaching in countries like Venezuela and Taiwan. To learn more about his life leading up to ACP, I asked him a few questions:

Q1: Why did you decide to come to ACP? How do you like it so far?

A1: I met several teachers from Chandler Unified who were visiting the school I worked at in Taiwan. They mentioned that this was a nice area of the country to live in and that the schools here were excellent. Once my family and I decided to return to the U.S., I applied for a job here and the rest is history (pun intended).

Q2: What college did you attend?

A2: I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and first masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Boston University. I received my second graduate degree from Simmons College in Social Studies education. My third Master’s degree was from Lehigh University in educational administration.

Q3: We’ve heard that you’ve traveled a lot. What countries have you taught in?

A3: I have taught or administrated in Venezuela, Malaysia and Taiwan. I have visited over 40 countries in my many travels over the last 20 years.

Q4: What is your favorite place that you’ve visited and why?

Sumatra and Bali, Indonesia. The jungles, beaches, wildlife and people are simply amazing!

Q5: Have you always planned on becoming a teacher?

A5: Yes. Once I had to abandon my dream of becoming a surgeon, I have been committed to being a professional educator. This is my 26th year of teaching.

Q6: What’s a random fact about yourself?

A6: One random fact is that I used to have really long hair and played drums in a rock band in Boston. We cut an album in 1996 that would be impressive to see if any ACP student could find!

It was fun learning more about the background of one of ACP’s newest teachers. Welcome to the ACP community, Mr. Kimball!