The Club Scramble


Creative Writing booth for the Club Fair on Wednesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 7-8 during club time there was an ominous rumble, then a thundering of hundreds of feet as they made a mad dash for the gym.  The Club stands braced themselves for the throngs of people flooding the open space, charging the air with excitement and anticipation.  The roar of the chattering crowd is deafening, but it only adds to the general sense of madness.

The crowded gym during the Club Fair.

The gym was full on Wednesday and Thursday with people excitedly looking for new experiences and clubs to join.  Every interest has a club: Photography Club, Red Cross Club, Mock Trial Organization, Book Club, Creative Writing, DECA, Key Club, Model UN, She’s the First, NHS/NJHS, StuGo, GSA. International Club, Literary Magazine, Drama Club, Future Medical Professional Club, Chess Club, and many more!  We have over 30 clubs, but if you want to start a club, you can! We encourage that you find an extracurricular activity or club that makes you happy and expands your horizons.  If we don’t have a club you can make it; find a teacher to sponsor your idea and ask Mr. Bickes.  He will be more than happy to approve a new club idea.  One of the Clubs advertised on Wednesday was Robotics Club.  Elaina Ashton, lead speaker, shared her experience and knowledge with me:

Elaina Ashton from Robotics Club.

For the robotics booth, what do you have on it and what do you want people to see? 

A: For the Robotics Club we wanted to show anyone that’s interested our club’s success as well as our legacy.  Especially here on ACP Robotics Club, it’s one of the oldest clubs.  We want to show how our club has grown and how we also want them to be part of that group as well.

How many students do you have in your club as of now?  

A: In our club, there’s currently around 30 students and we have four different robotics teams.

Do you think ACP has a club for everyone?

A: ACP has a ton of clubs!  I know there’s a lot of clubs that have been thinking about reopening… one from last year, Science Club, is maybe coming back.  There are so many clubs that we have to have two days for the Club Fair!  It’s really nice because there are clubs that go into art, the sciences, and even language-such as the Spanish Club and Mandarin Club!  Then there are the academic clubs like NHS.  There’s really a club for everyone with different interests, and if they don’t know specifically what passions they have, there’s a club that’s the right fit for them.

Literary Magazine Booth for the Club fair on Wednesday.

At the Club Fair all the different clubs had tables with information pages and sign-up sheets where students would write their emails and agreements to join.  Meeting times were yelled above the din, and the lines to sign up were a mile long.  When the club time was over, students meandered out and made provided last-minute signatures.  The courtyard was desolate and the students working the booths cleaned up the carnage and grinned at the pages of new club members.

Double check any fliers grabbed for the first meeting dates and times.  ACP is excited to host all these wonderful clubs and gear up for a fast paced, exhilarating year!