Kevin Lu attended the USAV High Performance Championships


Being featured once again, one of ACP’s seniors, Kevin Lu represented AZHP in the USAV High Performance Championships. Centered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the competition took place from July 18-22. It is a coed international tournament for young athletes all trying to reach the same goal. It is said that this event is a major step in a person’s volleyball career.

To get a little insight, approximately 145 teams all over the world participated in the tournament. As Mr. Lu represents Arizona, international countries that have participated include: Canada, Chile, Liberia, New Zealand, Peru, and Puerto Rico. I have asked the renowned star some questions about his experience and what it was like.





When and how did you find your passion for Indoor Volleyball?

I started picking up volleyball when I was about 13 in 8th grade playing with my dad. He signed me up for a club summer camp at Molten, and I decided to go along with it. I remember feeling the intensity and adrenaline throughout the camp, anticipating ball movement and what was going to happen next. I have been playing volleyball now for almost 5 years, and since then my passion has grown stronger over the years.

How do you feel about being recognized for these opportunities and awards?

I feel honored and humble to be recognized for my achievements over the years. It has been a long and tough journey up to this moment, and I do hope to continue this journey in college as well.

How many competitions have you competed at?

I have competed in all sorts of competitions ranging from club tournaments to community open gyms to national championships, and I would say approximately 500 matches, 100 per year.

Can you explain what the championship was like?

In my various experiences in a championship, I am always anxious and alert in every second of play. The feeling that one mistake or wrong movement could cost you the entire match is nerve racking, but also what makes volleyball exciting and unpredictable. The feeling of loss is the toughest to overcome; however, the occasional victory is always the best feeling in the world, knowing all the time and effort spent in practice or training on your own finally paid off.

This is an amazing achievement and a huge congratulations to Kevin. ACP wishes you the best of luck on you’re future endeavors!