ACP’s 8th Grade Graduation

ACP's 8th Grade Graduation
8th Grade students celebrating their graduation after the ceremony

With summer fast approaching, our incoming freshmen at ACP celebrated their graduation in style and the ceremony highlighted many students for their effort throughout the year. Awarding a male and female for each subject, ACP emphasizes the talented individuals on our campus.

The ceremony commemorated the talented students at ACP who are soon to become high school students on the same campus. Though many were named for an award, those who were not recognized still provided a foundation for the success of the class. Those who exemplified the characteristics that ACP idolizes were commemorated by subject, and cheered on by their peers on stage. A full list of all award winners is below.

Math Students of the Year

  • Dean Brasen
  • Rayna Shaikh

Chinese Students of the Year

  • Kevin Chor
  • Alessandra Isaacson

Spanish Student of the Year

  • Ivan Alexander Kroumov
  • Audra Combs

Science Students of the Year

  • Brody Chastain
  • Mihira Karnik

Social Studies Students of the Year

  • Jacob Kaufman-Warner
  • Jahnasre Paarthiban

P.E. Students of the Year

  • Jacob Traum
  • Haley Hughes

English Students of the Year

  • Lucas Conklin
  • Caitlin Soelberg

Performing Arts Students of the Year

  • Connor Williams
  • Aurelia Marsh

Junior High Students of the Year

  • Dean Brasen
  • Caitlin Soelberg

Knight Award Recipients

  • Ian Alexander Kromouv
  • Jenna Smith

Our fantastic 8th grade award winners display the aspirations of ACP students to push for greatness. Congratulations to our fantastic incoming high school students for their successes during the school year!