Class of 2019 Commencement Ceremony Approaches


Graduation. The time of year where we celebrate our seniors, currently the Class of 2019. We see them off to start their new adventures, achieve more great accomplishments, and experience new memories. As graduation approaches, the fear of starting a new journey, elation of closing a chapter in the book, and overall adrenaline of completing this great accomplishment, overwhelm our seniors. Although our seniors are preparing for their future and their new journeys, their impact on our school is here to stay.

Seniors eagerly await for all students to arrive on the first day of school.

Throughout the year, our seniors have changed the dynamic of our school. The different and dynamic personalities that make up the Class of 2019 have shown a new side of our school: a side that defends what they believe in, graciously help those in need, and have pride in their work and overall school. With the class motto being “Pursue Your Passion”, our seniors have clearly demonstrated what it means to be passionate. From neuroscience to cyber intelligence, our seniors have found what they are passionate about and use these passions to further inspire the world.

As graduation quickly approaches, our seniors prepare to say goodbye to the world they spent so much time in, but acknowledge and open their arms to a world full of possibilities. The diverse Class of 2019 intent to spread their wings and fly to all corners of the US, from New York, Idaho, and Hawaii, our seniors will be attacking their goals at different perspectives. Knights, the Class of 2019 will be graduating May 29 at the Chandler Center for the Arts at 5:00 P.M. This is their last big event to see their peers and thank those who shaped them into the people they are today, so make sure to stop by and send your seniors off with your words of wisdom.

Our seniors have tirelessly worked this past year in order to graduate and excel while in high school. As Mr. Bickes says, we all must strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary, and our seniors have done just that.