Annual Faculty Golfing Outing


With the end of the 2018-2019 school year approaching us, we find ourselves overcome with the vast amount of work that comes with finals and grading. At the moment, stress is a prevalent presence, not only in students but in teachers as well. As quarter comes to an end, teachers are rushing to grade papers, input scores, and plan classes. Luckily, teachers were able to release some of their stress by having a relaxing, fun time at ACP Erie’s second annual golf outing.

When I heard about this event, I became very curious and decided to interview Mrs. Patterson to find out more about it:

Q: What is ACP Erie’s Second Annual Golf Outing?

A: Coach Fraser coordinates this fun event among faculty, members of the golf team, and alumni. It is a great way to come together, have fun, and practice our golf skills. This year, we even had a whole cheer team made up of amazing, charismatic students who cheered all of us along the way!

Q: What was your favorite moment?

A: I love seeing alumni return for this event and hear all about their college experiences. I can tell how much they love our school and enjoy returning to support ACP Erie events.

With work overloading many, stress for teachers can be overwhelming. However, when opportunity arises for them to take a break and just enjoy their time with their faculty members, that stress can be eased.  It was so interesting to hear about ACP Erie’s Second Annual Golf Outing, as I never knew an event like it existed on campus. I find it wonderful ACP teachers can take a break from all their grading and stress by golfing with other ACP teachers, practicing their skills, interacting with alumni, and just having fun. We hope everyone who attended had a great time!