Until Next Year


Dear students, staff, and faculty of ACP-Erie,

It has been an absolute pleasure serving as your Editor-in-Chief for the ACP Knighttimes. Before I graduate and move onto the next section in my life, I want to thank you all for the effect you have had on my career at ACP.
Choosing to attend ACP as a seventh grader was one of the best decisions I have made. You accepted me with open arms and allowed me to explore the subjects that interested me. Knights, I wish nothing but the best for you, just as I experienced. As the senior motto states: Pursue Your Passion. Do what I did and find what inspires you, whether it be a subject or person, and run with it. Gain the trust of your teachers and classmates and explore the possibilities ACP offers.

Knights,  ACP has a way of bringing my out the best in people, so this is my advice to you: have fun. High school is full of opportunities to explore both the creativity and intellectual parts of a person, so use it to your advantage.

As I leave this school, I want to give you all a  gift: to the faculty and staff at ACP, I give my thanks. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You shape our school and have morphed us into the unified body we are today. To the students of Erie, I give to you courage. Use this courage to confidently stride into the unknown, to fulfill your wildest dreams, and accomplish what you may have thought was impossible. Inspire others, and most importantly yourself, to be a unique body that helps unify our school. Finally, to my fellow seniors, I bestow to you my undivided attention. You all are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. I’m positive you, my fellow seniors, will change the world for the better. Our future is bright, and I have the utmost confidence in all of us, myself included, that we will find our passions and use our gifts to morph the world into a better place.

Knights, you have the ability to change the world, in fact, you already have.  As I leave ACP, I am hopeful for the future. I am honored to have served as your Editor-in-Chief. My last act as your editor, is to pass off our newspaper to your new Editor-in-Chief: Katarina Marceta. With this, I bid you adieu.

Yours truly,

Caroline Whitesel