Goodbye Class of 2019


Throughout our high school career, we have always been told, “It goes by faster than you think.” When I—and certainly others as well—were  freshmen, I did not take this statement into much consideration, believing I had all the time in the world. However, now that I look back, my time in high school seemed to have happened within a blink of an eye. As I am sure many seniors have claimed by now, it only seemed like yesterday we were tiny freshman facing our first day of high school. Senior year seemed eons away, and we were certain we would have all the time in the world. Now, we only have three more days of high school before we walk on the ceremony stage and accept our diploma of graduation. Seniors, we are so proud of all of you and the accomplishments you have made.

Seniors dressing up for Senior Citizen day during their Spirit Week the last of their senior year

It is going to be heartbreaking to say goodbye to the class I have spent four years with. Despite our differences, we were still a family, one composed of unique personalities, talents, and passions. That is why my only advice to our future seniors is to come together as a family no matter the circumstances.

Wherever you head off to and whatever your decisions are in the future, seniors, you will always been Knights and a part of the ACP family. Congratulations Class of 2019, and we bid everyone a goodbye for now. However, no matter what, we will not fully say goodbye because our seniors of 2019 will always been a part of ACP Erie and its legacy and will be remembered through all their achievements, accolades, and hard work. Seniors, we cannot wait to hear more about your successes in the future, and remember to always strive for the impossible and be extraordinary.